Customer Service Excellence is a Two-way Street

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

I do not believe in the saying – You get what you deserve. I instead have chosen to believe in this saying – You get what you demand (politely of course).

In my role as a Corporate Trainer, I view my job as two-fold. The first is to inspire corporations to create memorable customer experiences and secondly to have customers, demand for the very best in customer service experiences.

In the 1990’s research showed that an unhappy customer would tell twenty or more people about their issue with a company. Today with the proliferation of social media, that number is definitely higher. Case in point; a YouTube search for bad customer service experiences returned 1.8 million results.

Customer service is indeed tough in any industry. If you take the time though, to cultivate a strong customer service culture within your organization, monumental success can be yours.


Customers: Own your customer experiences. Learn to speak up when service is not up to par. Do keep in mind, that the individuals you are dealing with are human beings just like you and you do get more bees with honey.

Companies: Start welcoming customer feedback. Ensure you have procedures in place to collect and act upon customer feedback. Customers are powerful, don’t get caught off guard.

Okay go … make it a fabulous weekend … and learn things


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