Happiness Is Always An Inside Job


Growing up, I was a serial dater. I thought life was grand and that the high would never end.  I was surrounded by chocolate, red roses and men at my beck and call at every turn. Life was grand or so I thought. My late twenties found me single and living in a foreign land  and that is when reality hit – HARD! I knew nothing about myself as single woman.

What I have learnt from being single:

  1. I can’t stand the “damsel in distress” syndrome
  2. I do not need anyones permission
  3. I can be selfish
  4. There is nothing wrong with me
  5. I can say “No”
  6. I am loved
  7. Brave by Sara Bareilles speaks to my desire for everyone around me
  8. 11 hour road trips with stops to do some antique shopping are heaven-sent
  9. My pink tool kit brings me endless joy
  10. I hate beer

So I have learnt to revel in the quiet moments, be present in all situations, recognize and appreciate quality people, and most importantly, I have learned to take charge of my happiness and live my very best life.



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