Your Employees Are Your First Customers


When customers complain, we are always quick to react and solve whatever issue they are facing. What about when your employees complain? How quick are you to react and resolve the issues being raised? Happy employees are more productive, loyal, and positively contribute to a company’s financial goals thus impacting the bottom line. Your employees should be your first priority. They should be treated as your first customers.

Here are five ways to ensure that your employees are treated right.

  • Create a healthy work environment – Organizations whose leadership shows a sincere interest in their employees well being are the most successful.  This can be accomplished by actively managing and asking about work loads, hiring enough people to get the job done instead of working a few to the bone, having open and clear goals and expectations, providing flexible schedules, and actively intervention when high stress levels are observed.
  • Promote ownership – Nobody wants to work for a failing company. Employees are invested in your success just as much as you are so make them feel like ‘owners’ versus ‘renters’. Seek their feedback to help create a productive work environment and successful company.
  • Ensure there are avenues for career development & advancement – A great leader always seeks to develop the potential of his/her followers. Help each individual feel like they are reaching their full potential and achieving their performance goals by investing in their personal development and growth at the company.
  • Set a high standard for your organization leaders  – Your organizations leadership should be evaluated not just on their financial goals, but also on how they interact with their employees. The most successful leaders design tasks for their workers unique skill sets, follow through on their words and commitments, are respectful, and spend a great deal of time coaching and improving employees.
  • Show appreciation – having to hire and train new employees takes time and money. Invest in the ones you have and show them your appreciation. This can be something as simple as a hand written note of thanks, a shared meal, to employee appreciation programs such as employee of the month. Every so often you should also celebrate all your employees with an employee appreciation day. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stick around and provide better customer service.

Although there are many factors that need to come together for an organization to be successful, remember that great employees are irreplaceable.

“Treat employees the way you want the customers treated – maybe even better.”

~ Herb Kelleher ~




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