Fiercely Fabulous Friends


The research results are unanimous: Humans are social beings and are literally hard-wired with the desire and need to connect (unless you are a narcissist of course). We are at our very best when surrounded by healthy relationships. True friendship is a critical part of a healthy relationship.

From the time I was about thirteen years old I always knew I wanted to be in the hospitality industry. I loved the feeling I got when I visited hotels that created the perfect home away from home experience and I wanted to be involved in creating it.  When I was about to finish high school, I started looking at potential colleges and had my heart set on attending Les Roches in Switzerland to commence my hospitality training. It was at this time that my father gave me some great advice. He  told me to stay put at least for my first degree as the friendships I would make in college would see me through the rest of my life. He was absolutely correct.

Fast forward twenty plus years or so to a dreary Saturday morning where my alarm goes off at 5am and I get up (albeit sluggishly – I am so not a morning person) and prepare to witness and be a part of one of those college friend’s first foray into entrepreneurship. The sheer joy of seeing an idea that lived for so long in her mind come to life was thrilling and kept me running from 5am to after midnight when I crawled into bed. Had I left immediately after high school, I would never have met this most wonderful person who I liken to sugar and light all wrapped up in one.

True friends support your endeavors; be it waking up at 5am or willingly volunteering as training assistants at your first training session when you venture into self-employment.

True friends come to your rescue like when a car accident leaves you in need of a chauffer for the 65 days it took to get the car repaired.

True friends celebrate your success as if it was their own, and show trust, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, commitment, enthusiasm, and gladness without expectation of gain or return.

True friends allow you to be your authentic self without judgment and inspire you to live your very best life. They share your highs and lows with laughter or with tears (or wine and chocolate cake)

True friendships stand the test of time and this I know to be very true after subjecting mine to a 16 year absence with sporadic communication.

True friendship is characterized by mutual aid, genuine regard, and never ending concern for the other. When we learn to take good care of our friends’ hearts, minds, and souls, we open the door to true friendship and healthy relationships.

So don’t settle for so-so friends. Learn to be a true friend and get truly fiercely fabulous friends in return and learn as I did, that when it comes to true friends, quality trumps quantity all day every day.

True friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.

~Author Unknown ~


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