In Search Of Customer Support



Have you ever gone onto a company’s website in search of their customer service/support number(s) and felt that you were looking for the winning lottery numbers?

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most customers and most of their purchases are tied to various emotions. Now is not the time for your customers to go in search of customer support on your website. The customer service support options should be located front and center and be very easy to find. I like to seem them in the top right hand corner or at the bottom of the page … every page.

Making it easier for customers to get support eases the hassle during this joyful yet stressful time of the year and goes a long way in creating good will and positive feelings that will create loyal customers in the long run.

When your customers do find you, don’t let phones go unanswered, emails unread and not responded to, and social media ignored.

Your goal should be to put customers and their needs first before your desire to increase revenue. You will then be rewarded with customers who choose you first over the competition and consequently increase your revenues. A win-win situation.


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