Charity Starts In Our Communities

th-2My favorite charity to support around the holiday season is The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. It brings together my love of children and my love of giving. Every child deserves to experience the joy of Christmas morning.

The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program provides new clothing or toys for children of needy families through the support of donors. You get a card with an angel on it and the first name, age and gender of a child and two options for appropriate gifts for the child. When you deliver the gift, you get to keep the angel as a token reminder of your blessing.

The spirit of giving is magnified over the holidays. This is a great time for organizations to become community leaders. Local community service makes everyone feel good, from employees to customers to other community members. When your company plays a socially responsible role in the community, customers feel that buying from you makes their community a better place.

So make your holidays more meaningful and get your employees involved in picking a charity/community/family to support this season.*


* This type of charitable giving is not limited to organizations. Family’s can adopt a family, a group of friends can adopt a family or two depending on how many friends are in the group, a social club can adopt a family and so on ….


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