Finding The FunKyLiciousNess In Each Day

The doorbell rung. There stood my support system. Armed to the gills with chocolate, chocolate cake and samosas (a girl cannot live on chocolate alone). Oh the beauty of life long friendships. My girls know me so well and they knew I was in a funk. So by the power of strong female friendships  coupled with a few bites (who am I kidding, the cake was entirely consumed;relax it was only one slice) of simply delicious, decadent chocolate fudge cake I found the FunKyLiciousness in my day and days to come.

We all get into a funk. Even the most positive, strongest, resilient person you know has a few off days now and then. The key is not to request a lifetime membership, unpack your entire life and live in that funky moment.

You get what you tolerate, so let’s start tolerating fun, graciousness, healthy living, peaceful coexistence with nature and humanity, supportive friends, positive creative expression, positivity as a whole, laughter, excellence (not to be mistaken for perfection), happy & healthy families, and the confidence that you have what it takes to do what needs to be done.

Start tolerating only that which is essential for you to live your very best life. You know, all those people, habits, conversations, books, hobbies, etc, etc, that make you the very best version of yourself.

Off you go now …. go capture your FunKyLicious day!

Image Credit: Octavio Fossatti


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