The 8 Partners Your Career Needs

th-1When you have a challenge, have you noticed that depending on the type of challenge you are faced with, that you will go seek out one specific friend first over the others? Why is that?

Could it be that one friend is great at demystifying financial conundrums, another is fantastic at untangling the emotional web of broken hearts and shattered dreams, another a wiz at pointing careers in the direction they should go versus where you would like them to go, while another plays the all important role of cheerleader, providing inspirational, “rah-rah” moments that have you calling upon your own Eye of the Tiger?

If you place your most successful relationships under a microscope, I am of the firm opinion that you will find that each of your friends brings something to the table that you do not have. That’s what makes you such great friends.

In pursuit of intentional living, I find myself seeking out relationships that inspire me to be the very best version of myself. My career path is also subject to this journey. We all aspire for career success and according to Jeanine Tanner O’Donnell, founder and CEO of , there are eight professional strengths key to career success. We don’t come equipped with all these strengths (and trying to build them all within ourselves is a sure-fire recipe for failure) so you will need to go in search of colleagues that do and partner with them to increase each other’s success (emphasis on increasing each other’s success).

1. The Visionary – Sees how problems can be solved and articulates the solution in a way that enables others to execute the vision.

2. The Optimizer – Looks at an existing process or system and immediately sees ways to streamline or improve it.

3. The Super-Connector – Develops a huge, ever-growing professional network and uses it to help facilitate introductions that lead to people collaborating together.

4. The Builder – Takes any blueprint or game plan and executes on it by being extremely resourceful and motivating those around them to be accountable.

5. The Educator – Comfortable presenting and explaining; empowers others by closing their gap in knowledge.

6. The Researcher – Dives deep, gathering all the facts, and then presents them in a way that ensures an informed decision can be made.

7. The Warrior – Fearless and ready to roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes to make a project a success.

8. The Mentor – Helps individuals experience, learn, and grow by carefully guiding them toward opportunities to become more professionally mature.

So start by figuring out where your strengths lie, then begin the journey to find the missing pieces that will bring the reality of career success to light. Keep in mind that these partners can be found both inside and outside of your current work environment so don’t limit the search to just where you work.  Need some help figuring it out. has created a little quiz to get you started (and yes, your results will only be as honest as your answers to the questions).



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