10 Things That Happen When You Start Paying Attention


A very special boy in my life is turning 10 years old this week. In honor of this wonderful occasion I have chosen to share with you 10 absolutely fantastic things that happen when we start paying attention.


  1. You become more self-aware – Of your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, what you are speaking, etc., and most importantly, the why behind all of this. There is nothing more important in life I feel, than figuring out why you do what you do.
  2. You create opportunities to learn something new everyday – Everyday presents an opportunity to learn and experience something new because you are now actively seeking out these lessons. The commute to work is no longer just a meaningless drive but a chance to observe the colors of the early morning sky and reflect on the beauty of nature. You no longer shy away from strangers because who knows where the next great nugget of wisdom will come from.
  3. You learn to make yourself a priority – You realize that the only person paying attention to you & your needs is you, so you learn to make yourself the first priority and in doing so become a positive influence to those around you.
  4. The quality of your life starts to greatly improve – By paying attention to your bad habits for example, you no longer find yourself devouring a colossal sized bag of potato chips but instead enjoying a nutritionist approved sized portion. Chocolate cake will be conquered soon enough.
  5. You learn to start living in the moment – Robots can be impressive creations and they are most certainly getting better as the days go by. Living your life in robotic fashion on the other hand, has extremely few positive benefits. By paying attention you learn to be in the moment. You discover your 1-year old nephew has helped you face your irrational fear of balloons, which is awesome for your creative side. I wonder whether he can help me face my heart stopping, tear inducing fear of cats?
  6. You learn what or who are the negative distractions in your life and you deal with them by slowly replacing them with positive contributors to your life that will guide you to discover your best self.
  7. You learn that you do indeed have what it takes to do whatever you set your mind to – Humanity can be wonderful and unnerving all at the same time. A healthy serving of self-confidence is a major requirement for living a purposeful life and for looking someone in the eye and saying I don’t mind what you think of what I am doing for MY life .
  8. You learn what you don’t want – In life it is equally important to know what you want as it is to know what you don’t want. You no longer do things just because or get carried away by peer or societal pressure.
  9. You learn that work is what you do, not who you are so you learn to start seeking a balance. You learn to be fully present at work but as soon as you walk out the door, work no longer is the priority.
  10. You learn that your life is actually quite amazing and you have a lot to be proud of and for that, you give thanks.


Be strong and stay disciplined. Paying attention is a call to act and acting on a call from your higher consciousness is the point of not only reaching self-awareness, but also a point of personal evolution. You see where you are not fully yourself, and you act on it. Nobody else can do that for you.



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