MeaningFul or MeaningLess Numbers


Every Friday, my trainer* pulls out a scale, a tape measure, and a body fat caliper and proceeds to record all the numbers that the afore mentioned tools reveal.

Every Friday, I vehemently protest all the measuring shenanigans.

Are numbers important? If so, do they all carry equal weight? Which numbers should I strive for with herculean effort? Which ones should I embrace, as if letting them go might cause me catastrophic, irreparable harm? Which numbers should I look dead in the eyes and say, I see you, and I recognize that you bring nothing to the table?

Is there a point at which numbers cross over from meaningful, to meaningless? When do numbers become part of the underlying problem? When do numbers become the other half to a positively equitable and sustainable solution?

Is life really all just a numbers game?

What say you?

* Let the record reflect that my trainer is a trainer par excellence and then some.

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