The Musical Instrument We All Play

There is a musical instrument we all play. It produces the most powerful sound in the world. This instrument costs you nothing to own and is  made up of entirely organic material. Like with all musical instruments, this one has given rise to various levels of mastery ranging from novices to the skillful to the down right enviable experts.

A powerful instrument in all aspects, it can leave an indelible mark by making no sound at all. It can inspire, empower, crush hearts, topple governments, and renew hope all in one breath. It’s an instrument that impacts not only those who hear its sound but also those who strum its strings.

My most favorite quote demonstrating the use of this  musical instrument is expertly depicted by the fabled Tom & Jerry.


You may have guessed what it is already. Just in case you haven’t, the musical instrument in question is your voice.

How have you used your musical instrument today?

How do you plan to use it tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that day?


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