If You’ve Not Turned 40 Yet This Is For You

Yes wonderful things do happen at this age


I wish that all the 40 somethings out there were more forthcoming about this one thing. It’s actually a really big thing too.

Here it is.

Life and living does not begin at 40. Life and living begins when you decide. Technically life begins at birth but you get my drift.

If you’re not living in your teens. In you 20’s. In your 30’s. I can guarantee that you won’t be living in your 40’s either.

Living takes practice. Life happens now.

Living is a skill which few of us have mastered. An even fewer will when they get to forty.

So learn to LIVE each moment. Each day. Each month. Each year. Each age group.

Don’t put living on hold waiting to arrive at a “magical” number.

“Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life.” ~Seneca



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