Women are Positively Repelled by “nice guys.”

Here’s why.

Niceness stems from feelings of inadequacy and the need to get external approval and validation. ‘Do you like me?’

Niceness has an advanced degree in yoga, bending over backward to oblige. To the detriment of its own needs.

Niceness seeks refuge in the head. Rationalizing every move. Emotionally manipulative. Creating a victim.

Niceness is expressed in words. Lots and lots of them. All aimed at a lose-lose situation.

Niceness is done from the outside in. ‘Look what I did for you’. ‘Look at how great I am’.

Nice people are nature driven. Conforming their behavior to satisfy a personal gain.

Niceness is always a temporary affair. Always choosing if and when to show up.

So instead of nice, cultivate kind.

Kindness stems from self-confidence, compassion, empathy, and integrity. ‘Do I like me?’

Kindness promotes assertiveness. Setting positive personal limits. Never leaving you feeling less than.

Kindness is forever dialoguing with the heart. Ensuring self-love and self-care take precedence.

Kindness is expressed in feelings. Confronting the conflict. Seeking transparency. Always aiming for a win-win.

Kindness is done from the inside out. Doing more. Opting for silence. Existing in the shadows with pride.

Kind people are nurture driven. Here for good. Never concerned with whether or not other people like them.

Kindness is always a permanent affair. Forever rising to fill a need. Not because you can’t but because it can.


Thanks for reading! Someone you know needs to hear this message. Be kind and share it with them.


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