Lifeisms In A Nutshell – #57 – I Get To Choose

I get to choose. What will I do today? I choose to do nothing. To underwhelm my potential.

I get to choose. Fear or wonder? I choose fear. Fear of success. Fear of waking up to the power that lies within. To seek empowerment as opposed to engagement.

I get to choose. Wellness or illness? I choose illness. I choose to eat a scoop of ice cream. Where the scoop equals the entire tub. Everyday. For the next twenty-one days. Forming a habit. An illness bound habit.

I get to choose. To make an impact or an excuse? I choose to make an excuse. I choose to be comforted by empty words. Justifying my unwillingness to impact.

I get to choose. A committed vote or a considered vote? I choose to commit my vote based on tribe. Race. Gender. Political affiliation. Not considering buffoonery. Incompetence. Hate.

I get to choose. Questions or answers. I choose answers. Pre-set. Pre-screened. Just enough to faintly kiss the hint of wisdom. Never enough to grant true power.

I have the merit of choice. I get to choose. To be all or to be less.

Should I not then choose to be a bug. Or a tree. That chooses not. That just is the very best it can be?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Thank you for reading. Make the right choice. Share the message.


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