Lifeisms In A Nutshell – #61 – The Head or The Heart

The head or the heart?

The head peddles fear. The heart is emboldened by faith.

The head demands thinking. The heart encourages feeling.

The head will try. The heart will make you indefatigable.

The head puts the music in order. The heart infuses it with passion.

The head will choose the numbers. The heart will choose the people.

The head is sympathy. The heart is empathy.

The head holds the grudge. The heart gives forgiveness.

The head is practice. Repeating to perfect.The heart is intuition. Feeling to effect.

Balance is head and heart working in tandem.

Too much of the head leads to indoctrination.

Too little of the heart leads to paralysis.

To be led by the head shows knowledge.

To be led by the heart shows wisdom.

The head and the heart!

Thanks for reading. Let your head embrace the wisdom of your heart. Like the message and help pass it along.


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