Lifeisms In A Nutshell – #63 -You Forgot To Do Life

It hangs on my wall and maybe on yours too.

I forgot, and I think you did too.

You forgot to do life.

You forgot to find a passion passions and pursue it them.

You forgot to fall in love.

You forgot to dream big.

You forgot to drink wine* and eat great food.

You forgot to spend quality time with good friends and people you admire.

You forgot to laugh every day.

You forgot to believe in magic.

You forgot to tell stories. Reminiscing about the good old days but looking with optimism to the future.

You forgot to travel often.

You forgot to learn more. To be creative. 

You forgot to seize opportunities when they revealed themselves.

You forgot to love with all your heart.

You forgot to never give up. To do what you love. To be true to who you are.

You forgot to make time to enjoy the simple things in life.

You forgot to spend time with family.

You forgot to forgive even when it got hard.

You forgot to smile often. To be grateful.

You forgot to be the change you wished to see in the world.

You forgot to follow your dreams. To try new things. To work hard. To embrace change.

You forgot to trust in yourself.

You forgot to count the laughs and counted the minutes instead.

You forgot to be thankful.

You forgot to be nice kind to everyone.

You forgot to be happy.

You forgot to live for today.

And above all, you forgot to make every moment count.

Stand reminded.

Living awaits

Now is a great time to start

* Clearly optional

Thanks for reading. You have been reminded. Now how about you remind someone else. Share the message with them.


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