Lifeisms In A Nutshell – #64 -The Things We Forget

This is a continuation of the journey that started here.

We forget…

That courage is a muscle. So we let it atrophy and let fear consume every ounce of our being.

That we’re not victims of circumstance or fate. So we fail to align our actions with our dreams.

That we can’t control everything. So we focus on things we can do nothing about.

That we were aiming for great. The great that takes time. So we settle for mediocrity. Embracing apathy like a long lost friend.

That we can hit the pause button. So we push through and let it continue to make even less sense.

That we can cry. So we hold it all in. Slowly dying from the inside out.

That life owes us nothing. So we while away a most precious limited resource. Time. And chose to dwell on how unfair life is.

That we can say no. So we say yes. To the distractions. To things that add absolutely no value. So that we can please them.

What power there is in silence. So we give up on quiet moments that enable us to rediscover and recharge our souls.

That self-esteem is sustained from within. So we look to others for permission and affirmation.

That thinking and doing are two very different things. So we sit and wait until we feel 100% ready.

That our health is the true wealth. So we fail to make taking care of ourselves a priority.

What important life lessons do you often forget?

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