Discomfort is a silent alarm sounded by the body. It calls attention to the undeniable fact that your comfort zone is incompatible with your desires.

Mediocrity does not permeate into our lives undetected. It’s rooted in the life-changing discomforts you shy away from.

“Life is going to hurt sometimes but it’s meant to be felt.”

When embraced, discomfort is the ignition of change. The wellspring of creativity. Growth is where discomfort is.

Change is easy. Everyone has changed something at least once in their lives. Maintaining the change is what differentiates winners from the pack. Embracing and leaning into discomfort helps cement the changes you’re in pursuit of.

In every discomfort is a lesson. Don’t fight against it. Use it. Fight with it.

Discomfort means something is being done. Something that others are usually unlikely and unwilling to do.

Learn to embrace your discomfort. What you find out about your ability to endure and grow beyond your discomfort will pleasantly surprise you.


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