2 Habits That Are Non-Negotiable in The Pursuit of Excellence

I was asked this question the other day. ‘How often do you write?’ I replied ‘Every day.’ What followed was not so much a question but a look. ‘Why?’ The answer to that was easy. I am in pursuit of excellence. The pursuit of which has two non-negotiable habits. Commitment and consistency.

When we handle the fear aspect of getting started, starting is easy. Technology has made it even more so. For example, with a small dose of inspiration and a fist-full of curiosity, one can, with the mere click of a few buttons, start a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel.

A search of the internet, however, will unearth an ever growing digital necropolis. A final refuge for a whole slew of concepts that danced ever so briefly, with curious inspiration. A 2-year-old blog with only ten posts. A podcast whose most recent recording is a year old. A YouTube channel whose last video is promoting a product that is no longer available. Technology has fooled us into unwitting accomplices of our own premature demise. A fitting reminder that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

“A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance.” ~ Tim Flores

The majority of those concepts have one thing in common. A lack of commitment and consistency. What does this tell us? If you want to create something that is undeniably great. That cannot be ignored. That is not a lucky accident but the dogged pursuit of excellence. The ultimate in performance. You must commit and be unwaveringly consistent in your pursuit.

Will there be times when commitment and consistency fail you? Absolutely. It’s a condition called life. You must learn to adapt and reconnect to your mission.

“It’s really common for people to want an extraordinary outcome for themselves in this life, but it’s very rare to see folks make extraordinary sacrifices for the *chance* to get one of those outcomes.” 

So don’t tie your emotions to something that cannot equally tie up your commitment and consistency. This journey is going to test you like no other. If you can’t stick with it and live through the tough times. If you can’t commit to it. Don’t start it. If you can’t be consistent with it. Don’t attempt it. This is as true with relationships as it is with every goal worth pursuing.

You can bump into luck once. So can everybody else. If you want to be tied to it for life, you must commit and be consistent in your pursuit.

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