7 Ways To Make Your Own Luck

1. Do the work.

2. Do the right work.

3. Do deep work.

4. Do focused work.

5. Do purposeful work.

6. Do consistent work.

7. Do the hard work.

My brother is one of the most hard working doctors that I know. His level of commitment has caused concern among many, family included. However, when he is able to accurately diagnose a patient within seconds of them walking into the clinic, making him the most sort after doctor in the area, we are quick to point out how lucky he is. He most certainly is. By way of consistent hard work.

At this point, you might be saying. “No way, it can’t be that simple.”Oh, but it is.

What you’re silently objecting to is not the simplicity of it all. We are all in favor of that. What caused your heart to drop into the pit of your stomach is that the type of work being called for has been put, by many, on the endangered skill list.

Very few people are willing to do the kind of work it takes to live the kind of life they want.

It’s the reason why you clicked on this post that glittered with the promise of only 7 ways needed to create one’s own luck. It’s also the reason why this post is my most popular.

We all want a version of a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover.

Not Easy but Not Impossible

The “luckiest” among us have taken work off the endangered skill list and thrown it into the mix creating an assemblage of individuals who are living exactly the life that they want. We all know these folks by name.

These people have opted not to live in the shallows and major in minor things, but to dive deep into focused purposeful work.

Never be discouraged. Even when faced with an uneven playing field. Stay your focus because your work ethic will level the playing field. Julius Yego is proof of that.

7, 77 or 7 Million

No matter how you slice it. Be it 7 ways, 77 ways or 7 million ways, luck is rarely something you get or stumble upon. Luck is something you earn by showing up and doing the specific work required to get to the point where it appears that you are the ‘luckiest’ one around.

So figure out what you want. Make a plan. Put your head down. Stretch beyond what is normal, every day, and make your own luck.

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