Monday’s Motivational Mantra: Use Fear as Fuel

“Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”
~ Anthony Robbins

Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the famed Eiffel Tower, was terrified of heights. Johnny Depp is terrified of clowns. Walt Disney, who gave the world Mickey Mouse, was afraid of mice.

Fear is a natural part of the human experience. In small doses, it can protect you from peril. In excess, it has a paralytic effect on forward motion. 

Take a moment to look at your life. Look at the things you’ve done and things you’ve opted not to do. If you’re like most people, you’ve built your entire life around avoiding one fear or another.

Your ability to reach your full potential is determined by the degree to which you can overcome your fears. You can’t rid yourself of fear, but you can use it as fuel.

The key with fear is how you “frame” it. If you think of fear as “bad” and something that will cause you failure, then it will be so. If on the other hand, you see fear as something that can focus your attention and energies, then you will be able to use it as fuel to propel you forward.

Remember, life is about being afraid and doing it anyway, so focus on where you want to go, and not on what you fear.

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