Be The Person

Who decides and commits.

Who thinks with their hands and not just their head.

Who lives by design and not by default.

Who talks about it and actively goes out in pursuit of it.

Who day-dreams and lives the dreams.

Who watches and plays.

Who teaches and learns.

Who follows and leads but never at the same time.

Who sees the problem and solves the problem.

Who takes but gives in greater measure.

Who adds things everyday, to attain knowledge and removes things everyday, to attain wisdom.

Who says yes and says no because too much of one or the other is equally poisonous to the soul.

Who argues like they are right and listens like they are wrong.

Who runs their own race.

Who reads widely, follows their curiosity and never stops investing in themselves.

Who is ready at any given moment to sacrifice what they are to be what they could become.

Who knows to be served might be a duty but to serve is the bedrock of true prosperity and happiness.

Who creates for themselves adequate breathing space between their loads and their limits because they know that what makes a fire burn, is the space between the logs, … a breathing space.

Who lives as if there is nothing they want to miss or regret and so they are brave enough to start their own revolution instead of waiting for someone else to change the things they want.

Who allows the plan to change when a stage comes to an end because life does not unfold linearly and it is most certainly doesn’t care about your plans.

Who knows that this moment is all that is to be had and so they do their very best to ensure that this moment will be their very best.

Be that person.

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