Passion as a Prerequisite for Action

 We have been taught that we cannot create or act without passion. That without passion we are not complete and our lives have no meaning. The teaching of passion as a prerequisite for action is toxic and egocentric at best.

When we talk all things passion and technology, the name Steve Jobs always seems to have a starring role. But Steve Jobs did not start out passionate about technology. His passion flame was stroked by zen Buddhism. He got into technology as a way to make some quick cash. As he became successful, his passion for technology grew.

“When we believe that we must be inspired by an idea to create something of it, it is a mechanism to avoid placing ourselves bare into something that other people can judge.” says Brianna Wiest, founder of the online publication Soul Anatomy.

Passion is not a thing or feeling that gets you up and at ’em” day in and day out. A key requirement for success. Robert Sternberg, an American psychologist and psychometrician notes that, “Passion is the quickest to develop and the quickest to fade.” Passion, therefore, should never be used as fuel.

Benjamin P. Hardy suggests that “Rather than worrying about what you’re passionate about, invest yourself in something you believe in. You grow to love what you put your energy into. You love what you do well. You love what you’ve sacrificed for. You love what you’ve changed for.

Hardy states that “Until you love something, you’ll never give everything you have for it. Passion fades. Love only becomes more powerful, regardless of the outcome.”

To build your interests you need to commit to exposing yourself to different things. Things such as reading books you’ve never considered. Going to events you typically would ignore.Traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures. Even hanging out with different people can spark a new interest.

Build your interests. Build your love. Build your passion.

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