Two Four Letter Words You Need To Differentiate

What are you plagued by? I can’t or I won’t.

I can’t get out of bed or I won’t get out of bed.

I can’t walk a mile or I won’t walk a mile.

I can’t win this race or I won’t win this race.

There is a difference.

“I can’t” stems from a lack of skill. An expression of inability, incapacity, or impossibility.

“I won’t” stems from a lack of will. A deliberate choice not to act.

“I can’t” is rooted in helplessness.

“I won’t” is rooted in responsibility.

Non-achievers use the word “can’tto make excuses. Especially when what we have to face is courting our fears, rattling or comfort zone or calling for a sacrifice that we are unwilling to endure.

Achievers use the word “can’t as a signal that a skill gap exists. The gap is an obstacle in their path that must be bridged.

With every “I can’t” we sell ourselves short. We create a habit of negative thinking and failure. Straddling ourselves with “I can’t” ensures that our success will be doomed before it gets a chance to start.

The words you choose can determine your success. Be conscious of the one’s you chose.

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