Who’s Got Your Back

“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.” ~Robin Sharma

There are no guaranteed routes to success but on this, there is a general consensus. If we want to be as successful as we know we can be, we cannot do it alone. We need the help of others we trust.

So who’s got your back?

When you need a bar that keeps being raised and people who keep making sure that you’re jumping to it?

When you need encouragement, feedback, and generous mutual support?

When you need to be held accountable and allowed to be vulnerable and candid?

When you need to be reminded not to give up and quit when your dreams have become big enough to scare you?

Who will remind you? Who can you confide in?

Keith Ferrazziauthor of Who’s Got Your Back calls the people who provide the above-listed benefits, your “lifeline relationships.”

Lifeline relationships are required both in your personal life and professional life. They are rarely serendipitous. More a result of an intentional pursuit. A pursuit that seeks more than mere connection and is propelled by need not want.

Who are your “lifeline relationships?”  Who in your life is vested in the best version of you?

Is it time for you to take a relationship roll call?

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