I know You Are but What/Who Am I

Strategy. A plan. A tool of action. Designed to set the groundwork for the achievement of a desired goal.

Is strategy why winners win and losers lose? Is a great strategy all that has been standing in the way of you making a dent in the win column?

Benjamin Hardy, in this post, says our work is a reflection of us. He adds that, if one is not getting the results that they’re looking for, they should stop looking for better strategies and instead, look inside.

This makes perfect sense when you become aware that in the pursuit of that which you desire, you are the common denominator.

The pressure to act. To strike while the proverbial iron is hot, is voracious in its pursuit of us. Causing us to deem worthless the pursuit of self-awareness.

The painful result. We begin to act against our true nature. We become out of sync with how we speak, think and feel. This is critical for how we speak, think and feel influences how we act. Our actions determine our rewards.

Too often, we do things for the wrong reasons then prostrate ourselves at the altar of strategy in hope that it will be our saving grace.

You can adopt every lifehack and productivity tip that has been unearthed. You can absorb every self-help book, post or thought out there. You can mimic the strategies of all of life’s greatest achievers. It will all amount to waste if you lack the requisite knowledge of self.

The work, therefore, must be done to answer the question – Who Am I.

“As long as our habit patterns are hidden backstage, they will remain unchanged. As soon as we bring them up onto the stage of our mind and shine the spotlight of awareness on them, they will inevitably change.”~ Jan Chozen Bays

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